Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's a Sign...

So today, Sunday, Rob has off -- a rarity as he usually works both Saturdays and Sundays. Since he usually takes the car to work, I end up stranded and unable to go to church. Last night I told myself that if the timing was right this morning, Maddie and I would go to church. So when I got up at 8:00 am to find that Maddie was already dressed in the outfit that I had planned for her to wear to church I took it as a sign. A sign that Rob was on God's side.

Maddie and I made it to church though we did have to blow dry her outfit dry at Grandma's after a spit-up incident, and she got to meet her cousin Jeannie who sings in the choir. And everyone thought she was beautiful. Plus, we've found another way that Maddie is nothing like her mother -- she was a perfect angel making nary a sound. Unlike her mom who had to have a babysitter until she was 5 because she was so bad in church. And yelled out "Time for Doughnuts" after Mass.

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Mela said...

The yelling of "time for donuts" carried on into adulthood. Not that there is anything wrong with that