Monday, July 20, 2009

Me Myself and I

Is it possible that being a Mom has actually made me be a more completely developed me? I just did a full yoga session for the first time in over a year, leaving me feeling really good and centered (not centered politically obviously, there I'm still a true-blue lib). I find myself watching less television -- not directly baby related, but just less TV watching. I think for a while I was just uncomfortable with the concept of alone time and would turn the television on for background noise, or just out of habit. Whereas now, even when Maddie is napping, I am more apt to turn off the television and do something else, like read or well blog or facebook (It is after all important to make sure people can see all the news and views of Madeleine Gayle.) I'm reading more. Maybe not more, just better quality literature. It has been quite a while since I have had several good quality books going at the same time. Now I'm reading 3 books, plus the books that I read to Maddie. I'm more focused and productive -- and yes, surprisingly the nesting instinct has stuck and I am keeping a clean house. How is that possible? The other day I had company coming over and had to do a full apartment cleaning run through. It took Rob and I a mere 30 minutes to do all the cleaning top to bottom. Why? Because I keep up.

Yes, I am tired as, no, Maddie does not sleep through the night. BUT alas coffee is a good thing and I am surprisingly energetic. I'm going to attribute it in one part to having such an amazing daughter and one part to finding a place to live that vibrates only good energy, and one part to a wonderful husband who has done quite a bit to make certain that I have everything that I need.

Also today I tried teaching Maddie ballet and art. Thus far she has mastered second position, plies, round de jambes and Monet. Degas seems promising. What can I say? She is brilliant.

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