Saturday, March 2, 2013

Searching for E-A-S-T-E-R

Easter eggs are not usually a big part of my family's Easter traditions. I have one memory of searching for Easter eggs as a child.

But it's a tradition I thought we could start with Maddie. So last year, I bought some plastic Easter eggs and sprinkled them throughout the house for her to find. She loved them. And kept the empty shells forever.

So when I saw this blog post on activities with Easter eggs, I knew that this would be a great hit, and a great way to kick off spring. I told you, spring started March 1.

To help Maddie work on her letter recognition, I made eggs with the upper case letter on top and the corresponding lower case letter on bottom. I split them all up.

Sometimes Maddie can be a little shy of reading activities, so I added a hook-- I hid all 52 (ok, 54 because I doubled one letter!) throughout the house.

This was all part of my plan for an engaging activity for when I was a little busy. We've been watching my sweet little baby cousin once a week, and I thought this would be a perfect during-bottle time activity. Except the first thing Maddie did that morning was find an egg...

So the whole activity was done before the baby even got here!

After she found all the eggs, she started putting them together. The color matching helped when it came to confusing letters. And putting these eggs together was a nice little motor skills challenge.

The finished eggs went into egg crates. Black Cat is a very big helper.

The whole activity was a huge hit. Maddie wanted to play again today, so I see some repeats coming down the line!

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