Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Easter's on its way! And that is cheering me up with all the snrain (TM) outside.

Confession: I don't really love peeps. But I love how they look and all the cute sugary glitter of them. So I wanted to bring them into our Easter decorations this year.

Hence my peep pillows, made in a very simple way... Using felt (bet you never guessed!)

For this one, I used two 24" squares of pink and one square of the same size in yellow. On the back side of one pink square, I used soap to free hand a bunny peep. Then I cut it out, and layered the yellow behind it, so the front sides were both facing the same way.

I pinned around the bunny and sewed around the shape about a 1/4 inch from the edge. Then I sewed the two squares around the outside edges on all four sides.

Next I added my eyes and whiskers in black thread by hand. Then I matched the yellow-pink square to my last pink square, face to face and machine sewed them on three sides, turning them right-side-out when done.

I like to leave the top side open for my buttons. And this is the reason why I am obsessed with felt... You don't need to hem the top edge or sew a buttonhole. Just sew on the button and snip a hole that matches the size.

Seriously, this was an easy one. For the chick pillow I followed the same procedure and just used a pattern I found online here. The chick pillow proved a challenge for two reasons. First sewing around the chick edge was a lot more curvy! Second, of course, my bobbin went out and my thread snagged and well, sewing machine catastrophe! Luckily all my sewing snafus are pretty unnoticeable, so I have two bright cheery pillows!

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