Friday, December 14, 2012

Star Ornaments

Thinking back on my childhood Christmases, I always remember my grade school Christmas celebration. We had a huge Rockefeller Center-sized tree in the library that we would all decorate together.

Each class made a themed ornament during art class. I remember one year my brother had to make a shepherd out of Papier Mache and fabric. That thing was ugly as sin, and He knew it.

We would be called up each class at a time to hang our ornaments on the tree. Before Christmas vacation we all got to take our ornaments home. And that's why I know there is evidence of my brother's sad little shepherd.

For some reason, I sooo loved my kindergarten ornament. An equally sad little paper star. With staples and glitter, complete with "La Estrella" written on the front.

With this in mind,Maddie and made some star ornaments for our tree.

I cut out stars (pointy and rounded, though Maddie quickly started calling those flowers), and let Maddie decorate away. She liked using brads, glitter glue and markers.

But this child is too creative for me. She decided to take this project in a different direction and started glueing paper pieces together.

Thus creating this mosaic ornament. That looks a heck of a lot better than what I made in kindergarten.

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Net Ghost said...

The shepherd still lives, as does an angel that looks like a hangman (always hanging at the top of our tree) and, of course, the "Christmas mouse/rat." :)