Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Popcorn Garland

We headed out to the country this past weekend to get our Christmas tree. Last year, we were going to New Orleans and we waited to buy our tree until we got home. Big Mistake. Big. By the time we could get to our favorite Christmas tree farm, it was closed for the season.

And we love this place.

Toad Hill Farm in Middleport, NY. It's a cut your own place with lots of great trees of all sizes.

Even Maddie sized!

And best of all, they have a bonfire and serve cookies for kiddos and mulled cider for adults.

(Yup, I made an appearance on the blog! My husband took pictures this trip.)

Anyway, when we got home it was time to do our first craft of our Advent calendar-- a popcorn garland.

Maddie has been loving sewing lately.

She always wants to pull the needle through when I sew. Though I don't usually do a popcorn garland for our tree, this seemed like the perfect activity. She had a lot of fun, so success!

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