Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cotton Snowmen

Bonus time! This wasn't even on our advent calendar list! Because sometimes the craft I come up with is too boring for Miss Maddie and a little improv is required.

It looks like we might be headed for another green Christmas in snowy old B-lo. I'm still hopeful, but my poor little one is getting kind of desperate. She's practicing snow angels on the carpet, for crying out loud.

So today we made some little snowmen. On the spot! Just cotton balls, a black Sharpie, glue a couple of felt strips for scarves, and felt triangles for carrot noses.

Oh, and these top hats.

I'm not going to pretend -- it is bizarre that I have these in my home, and I know it. Here's the story. Years ago, my mother-in-law used to put these on her toes and do a little puppetesque routine which freaked her daughters out. Fast forward to two years ago, my sister-in-law saw these online and shipped them to Maddie-- a package of over 300 top hats. Ha ha, Natalie. Jokes on you because I finally found something to do with them.

So we just glued our cotton balls together. Glued on a carrot nose and top hat. Tied on a scarf and drew on our coal eyes and buttons. Voila!

Now we'll know how to do it when the snow comes... Any day now.

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