Friday, December 7, 2012

Cutout Ornaments

Ok, I confess: I made the reindeer ornament. And I'm really proud of it. Maddie's ornament is hanging in the background, hidden behind some branches. Ah, a mother's pride.
We've made salt dough before, but I had never actually made ornaments from it. Maddie is SO into play-doh and rolling and cutouts that this seemed perfect!

I used this recipe from The Imagination Tree, and added in color dye. I wasn't really keen about using paints, so this saved me a step of mess. Until I looked down and noticed the bottle of green dye had exploded in Maddie's hands. You should have seen the look of panic when I told her I couldn't get the green off her hands. Time to read the Grinch! [I jest, it's been four days and her hands are back to their normal marker stained best.]

Once baked we decorated using markers or painting them with glue (1/2 glue and 1/2 water) and glitter.

I think they turned out pretty cute! I may actually be able to save some of these as we build up an ornament collection for Maddie.

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