Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

I could seriously shop for myself year-long, but somehow everytime I go to write a wish list for myself every single thing I have wanted all year go right out of my head. Plus, there's something really intoxicating about buying gifts for a little one. So far Maddie has asked for stickers, paints and a purple tricycle (or treecle), but I seem to think that she wants a whole lot more. Like have you seen those Lalaloopsy dolls? Those things are so cute! And is it sad that I'm kind of wishing they made Children's Place clothes in adult sizes? I would love it if my wardrobe consisted in mix and match leggings (with skirts attached please) and graphic tees.

Anyway back to me. Here's what I finally came up with:

A short sleeve cardigan type thing (in grey or white) or a long sleep shawl like sweater (in any color). Yeah, I know this is really specific, but it seems like I've seen a million in stores and can't find any online. These two were at Old Navy -- which by the way, I really seem to be digging now, so an Old Navy or Gap gift card wouldn't be such a bad gift idea either!

Pajamma bottoms - nothing fancy, just a simple pair like Victoria Secret's (the graphic is a little intimidating!)

A book on Jackie Kennedy -- I'd kind of like to read this one, but truthfully I would probably never have a chance to listen to the dvds. So really any Jackie book would do.
It is the 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany's and you know I'm a fan!
Every Spring I read a Jane Austen book, and I have had a hankering for this one for a long time! These three are all obviously from Amazon and I do have a wishlist there.

This is purely a dream item but...

This makes me giggle. We currently have none of the Lost DVDs and we would like to eventually have all of them. So we might as well dream big.

Oh and I totally want these socks:

I do actually have an older wishlist here that I still would love some items from (I got the dinnerware, thanks J&J!)

Oh and here's one more pipe dream:

Yeah, it's $300 so I doubt Santa will drop that puppy down the chimney, but I'll just drop it out there in case I have any really rich secret admirers.

That was pretty impressive for not wanting anything, huh? It's amazing how your need for stuff just grows...


Katie said...

Okay, I must know where you found those socks! I've been looking for ones just like them (not very hard, so that's my own problem), but I really like those!

A Fuss said...

Ha! Well good luck, Katie, because I keep finding them online and they are always out of stock. But they regularly appear on Pinterest, so just follow the links;) Here's my best locale: