Saturday, November 26, 2011

After the struggle

We have a new sleep issue in the house! We've had at least a year of good napping so it definitely seemed time to mix things up a bit.

(Naptime on a nice peaceful day. Sometimes she just looks so angelic I can't help but snap a few pictures).

Over the past two months or so, naptime has devolved into a knockdown drag-out fight. She used to nap from 11:30-12ish until 2pm, now it takes until about 1-1:30 to get her to go down.*

Somedays I struggle back and try to make her nap. Bribes and threats have been heard in our house. Of course, days when there's a tight schedule are sure to include as much schedule disruption as possible and usually no naps and cranky people (I.e. Mommy).

After Thanksgiving I just decided to chill. I hate to say it but she may just not need a nap as much anymore (Though I do!) So I've just been letting her play a bit longer after lunch time and then coaxing her to sit quietly.

Today there was struggle with sitting quietly and then she fell asleep like this:

If that doesn't say it all.

*The kicker of course is that she only does this for me. My mom gets her down with no struggle. Rob drops her in her crib and says "see well." Maybe she sees me as the sucker, but she's always had big separation anxiety.

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