Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Help

Today as Maddie and were walking in our neighborhood, I saw an appliance boxout on someone's curb. It read "Dryer"... And my heart did a little potter-patter as I thought "ooooo... A new dryer!" Mind you I don't even have a washer or dryer, but I can imagine the excitment of the people in that house. The first load of laundry, their smiling faces, the sigh of contentment as the first load spins (until they pay their credit card of course). It made me wonder, at what point of our lives do we begin to get excited about cleaning?

Today is my housework day. As I sat back and watched Maddie clean the floors, I actually felt a tingle of happiness -- or perhaps just satisfaction-- in having good help and a clean house. Ok, ok, so maybe I do actually have to clean -- but Maddie does like to "help." she loves brooms and swifters. She also loves to help pick up now. She indulges her secret OCD side by picking up all her blocks or letters one at a time (and then moving them one at a time to someplace else. Yesterday she put away every card in a 104 deck, one at a time into a card box. Wow, what a tangent! The point is Maddie and I enjoy cleaning because we enjoy the results.

This year my Christmas wishlist is almost all organizational things. Honestly and truly, I would love to receive crates and photo boxes and things to make my house cleaner! I have so many projects that I have just been dreaming of. Guess I'm a little odd!

Speaking of projects, my cousin now has an awesome design blog. I love reading this and truthfully I learn a little something new about her everytime I read. This blog is a wonderful display of her talents and style -- and since Kate is a reader I'm going to shamelessly request a blog topic. Kate, what are your cleaning secrets? Share with us because you certainly have one of the most pristine abodes I've ever seen!

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Katie said...

Ha! Thanks for the shout out! I for one, do not think it's odd to be excited about cleaning & organization (and I'm the geek that got super excited when we got our new washer & dryer). I think the key for me is making sure everything has it's place. Sure, there might be 8 inches of dust on the table, but if everything is put away & has it's own "spot" (be it a basket, drawer, etc.), then that helps me to feel like things are clean...even if they're not! I try to put everything back in it's place before bed, so I wake up feeling put together. But Tom is not so neat, so this is always a challenge!