Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fragrant Colors

Some people choose to use candles to spread delightful aromas-- we've chosen to go with a different perfumed wax. Yesterday Maddie was running her crayons over the grate of our heater (you know like a jailbird does with his metal tin over the bars) when oops, the crayon fell through. We have very nice strong heat and our radiators are hidden behind wall registers. Despite my efforts with two metal skewers (which are now red) I couldn't quite pinch the crayon out of the ducts. It seems like it's going to be a crayola scented winter for us!

The felon (stripes and all) plotting her next crime.

Her partner in crime who hides the weapons of destruction by eating them.

Maddie at work on a rehabilitation project.

Maddie explains the theory behind her work.

This does of course bode of other future problems. I have caught Maddie walking down the hall running a crayon against our lovely white walls. And yesterday she got a hold of a sharpie and "scribbled" (cap on luckily!) all over a window. I think this may be the child that destroys our deposit. Thank God they now make Markers that only color on special paper!

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