Saturday, November 20, 2010


Maddie may be a little obsessive compulsive. Her favorite game at the moment is to pick out like objects and line them up one at a time in a particular place, like:

Plastic shapes on the coffeetable;

crayons under the couch cushion (please note this was a secret spot. I lifted the couch cushion to reveal this. And is it just me or are these color organized?)

Letters on a window sill...

Not that it disturbs her view!

at GaMa's house, she goes through over 100 legos and pulls out only singles to line up on the window sill...

or on top of the toilet seat:)

Hmmm, I wonder where she gets it from?


Literary Auntie said...

Ha ha ha, yeah, pretty OCD.

Shimurs said...

my little brother did that all the time with toy cars and he use to draw lines of circles on paper and other random seemingly ocd stuff like that. he isnt ocd. lol aparently lots of kids do that, so dont worry XD