Sunday, October 31, 2010


Maddie was a kitty cat for Halloween, seeing as how she thinks she is one on any other day of the week. This proved to be the best photo of the day because as it turns out, kitties do a lot of running, jumping, spinning and moving around. Even as we were on our way to all the relatives Maddie Kitty couldn't resist dancing in her car seat to some Kermit Ruffins music.

All week long I kept trying to get her to try out her ears and she would rip them off as though she hated this costume. Then today, I put it on her and she was anxious to see herself in the mirror. And actually excited to get her ears on. She wore it all day without ever showing signs of fuss. Here she is running to her Daddy and playing with the kitties (of course, with duck-duck).

A couple of kitties out for a night on the town.

Halloween is not exactly my favorite holiday. I actually hate to dress up, but I do sort of like the fall aspect of it all. I think I will like the whole young kids phase because I enjoy seeing Maddie dress up. Rob and I were just saying tonight that we miss having trick-or-treaters -- in all the apartments that I have lived in we have never had a single one! (Though I do buy candy just in case every year.) Tonight I have had 5 trick-or-treaters: their names have been Rob the Saints Fan, Bob the Saints Fan, Bob the Pajamma wearing guy, Rob the Pirate, and Bob the Daddy.

I do enjoy most of the Halloweenish customs (minus the freight side). My favorite part is carving a pumpkin which of course results in delicious pumpkin seeds. So this part of the holiday was my favorite. Here are a few pictures of our pumpkin selection and carving. Maddie loved this part too!

Maddie picks out her pumpkin. "See this one, Mama-Dadda?" she says with ringing positivity. "It's the biggest." And doesn't it look perfect? We got it home, set it on our table and it tipped over. The most crooked pumpkin I ever say. It took some serious leveling to get it to work as our Jack-o-lantern.

Maddie helped me by picking out shapes to use as Jack's face, and drawing on the pumpkin. She actually also really liked cleaning out the pumpkin too and spent most of the night playing with the goopey seeds.

She liked the finished product.

Maddie loved her pumpkin so much, she had to hug it:

And kiss it:

We went to G-Ma's house for dinner and Maddie got the best treat ever: Boo-berries!


Anonymous said...

cute Alex, really cute, love the custom.

Net Ghost said...

Great costume! The pink ribbon around her neck is a very realistic part of the costume - I told Zeus that she was going to be wearing a similar ribbon, but now I only have one arm left. :)