Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fast Maddie

Well, some of you may remember that Maddie has developed a little bit of a reputation. I'm sad to say that things seem to be deteriorating rapidly.

First, Maddie put the moves on another boy in front of her boyfriend (at his birthday party, nonetheless). In fact she kissed that other boy:

I will admit, Joey does have gorgeous baby blues.

Alas in recent days, Maddie seems to have been hitting the milk pretty hard (Milk-a-what??) We have discovered she has an affinity for rave music and loves to get her groove on.

On Sunday night, while at dinner at a very nice restaurant, Maddie decided it would be appropriate to lift her dress over her head and expose herself to nearby diners.

And sadly today, the final sign of depravity... Maddie pinched a little boy's butt while we were at the doctor's office today. To her credit he did take the lead and played with her hair first. But still, a little too loose and wild. To my darling daughter, I say, please try to control your impulses.