Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Winding Down

It feels like summer is almost over! And, world, it's really not. I tell you, it's not. There is a tree near Mirror Lake that is already turning orange and red. Plus a lot of trees in the area are turning brown from this hot summer. And there's still the whole month of August to go yet.

Last weekend, Rob and I went swimming at the cottage and it was brought to my attention that my swimsuit is a bit threadbare -- and a little saggy too. Seeing as how I bought that suit about 10 years ago, I can't say I'm really surprised. So I had to find a new suit to get me through the rest of the summer. In August. A Summer month.

Clearly it has been a long time since I bought a swimsuit because I was under the assumption that I could just get a cheap $20 suit someplace. Uh, no. Not the case.

I started off at Target and after checking with a salesclerk, I learned there were two types of swimsuits available: Juniors (read itsy bitsy bikinis) and Maternity/Plus sizes. I looked through both looking for a plain-ish one piece, not even concerned about size yet. I found a tankini that had 10 zippers (Juniors) and a Bahamian flag (Plus sizes). Alas nothing else.

So Maddie and I made a quick trip to Kohl's, which had one rack of sale swimwear. Kohl's at least had three plain one piece suits. I was about to try them on when I realized that their sale price was $86. No thank you.

In the end I bought a suit offline. Let's hope that works. Because this girl:

loves to swim.


Literary Auntie said...

Yeah, I get mad when the swimwear disappears after three weeks - hello, it's still summer! And actually, one year I went looking for a suit in MAY, and they were all gone, almost everywhere I went. Ridiculous.

Net Ghost said...

Summer had better not be over. The good weather needs to last until October, at least, in my book.

I remember trying to find a bathing suit before going on vacation in August one year. Absolutely nothing. So I also bought on-line and it was fine. Of course, that was 6 years ago. And I bought my other suit a month before my wedding. So perhaps my swimsuits are starting to get thread-bare too. :)

Enjoy August swimming! :)