Friday, April 2, 2010


The Easter season is upon us and I must say I love Easter. As I say every year, this holiday is particularly important to me because of my associations of the holiday with my Grandma Kogler. This year has of course added the charm of an adorable little girl.

This week has seemed to be full of feathery delight! Yesterday, Mom and I took Maddie to see the chicks at the conservatory at the Falls. She seemed fascinated by them, but was very tranquil. It was only when she saw the bunnies that she got animated and called them "Cat." Here she is in front of the Easter flowers.

This week has been so beautiful out that this morning we took a nice walk to the Japanese Gardens, where surprise! We saw ducks!! Maddie got so excited she threw her own duck. Sadly, we didn't expect them to be there so we didn't bring any bread for them. Next time we'll know better.

Now it's nap time. Maddie is asleep next to me on the couch, curled up as she always does. But perhaps the outfit is a little appropriate for our topic:

Today, I've got Easter baskets to stuff (I'm doing the Easter Bunny a favor), birthday presents to wrap, and Onion Eggs to make.


Sarah K said...

those pics are adorable! except i worry about her suffocating in the second one. she needs to stop taking notes from the book of "cat naps" ;) haha....the word verification is "eaters"!!! wth? oh, fargo has been completely sold out of cadburry eggs for 2 weeks.

A Fuss said...

Our store ran out of Cadburry Mini Eggs too! I ended up finding the little packets and buying 8 of them for our baskets, meaning I spent $8 for the half the amount you normally get. Next year, I'm stocking up, big time!