Friday, April 2, 2010

A Few Random Thoughts

I'm fascinated by this show on NBC called Who Do You Think You Are? It's an ok show, pretty different from most things out there -- that tracks the genealogy of celebrities. I'm fascinated by the production side of this. It seems like every celebrity is related to some famous person, and clearly has no idea of it. So does the production crew pick a bunch of celebrities and then winnow most out by telling them, "hey, yeah, so it turns out your kind of boring"?

At any rate, I just put Maddie to bed for the night -- Rob's working tonight and tomorrow morning. These turn and burn shifts are always AWFUL, because it means that he doesn't get to sleep until 1 or 2 in the morning, and therefore can't do his usual 5 am shift. Maddie's been sleeping weird lately too -- all of a sudden she just started getting up at 5 am every morning this week, and not going back to sleep. Which means she's not getting enough night time sleep (most nights) and is tired a lot during the day.

With the nice weather this week, I've been taking her for nice long walks, hoping that the fresh air will help her sleep more soundly. That theory did not work last night. I took her for a walk this morning and it did nothing for her day except making her cranky despite a nice long nap. She did seem like she was pretty soundly asleep when I put her down, but eh you never know.

As soon as I put her down I started thinking of all of these things I should be doing right now -- like dying my Easter eggs -- but I'm always leery of starting something, particularly when I'm home alone. Interruptions are plentiful!

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Literary Auntie said...

"Turn and burn"? I've never heard that before! My sister has shifts like that sometimes, I can't imagine. I'm SO happy to work 8-4:30. I don't like mornings, but at least there's a consistency to the awfulness of the mornings.