Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Veggies

I don't think I'm a particularly picky eater, but I guess I am not really a vegetable person. At least my list of dislikes is probably longer than my list of likes. I do however do fairly well at eating and cooking healthily (despite my penchant for treats!) I don't buy anything processed (or process anything bought or sold or sell anything processed or boughten... in the words of John Cusack). I buy mostly fresh foods and do all my own prep.

Since Maddie is such a good eater, I try to imagine her a little older and having her parents be more picky than she is. And with this in mind, I'm forcing myself to branch out.

Last night, Rob and I had our meatloaf and green beans with a side of mashed cauliflower. Which does in fact taste just like mashed potatoes. I steamed my cauliflower, pureed it with a bit of sour cream and parmesan cheese and voila -- "mashed potatoes." The only off thing was the texture (and my brain which kept screaming, "you're eating cauliflower!") The texture was a little too creamy, but perhaps that's just a result of oversteaming my veggies.

Next up... Kale Chips. I love a good oven roasted veggie, so why not?


kat said...

seth had a reeeeaaaal problem with mashed cauliflower. oh well, back to the drawing board.

kale chips sound awesome. let me know how they are.

Mela said...

I would like to start by saying that similar thoughts have entered our minds thus tonight we had broccoli couscous and chicken. Healthy but without much flavor. And now I'm hungry, so eating healthy harder than I thought

A Fuss said...

Mela -- I totally agree, sometimes the mashed potatoes are needed as a filler at the very least. Like right now, I'm going to have ice cream -- as filler.