Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter, part II

And now we're on to the next phase of winter -- wanderlust. Every year once the organizing phase passes me by, I start thinking about vacations I'd like to take. Truthfully Rob and I haven't been on a vacation in a long time. We got to go on one sort of work extension trip about two years ago, but that's about it. And now that we aren't doing any road trips anymore, we don't even have the feel of a vacation. We do both have vacation time this year, so we will probably be spending a week at the cottage -- a lovely possibility that I'm already looking forward to.

But now that Maddie is around, I'm starting to day dream of future trips. My current fantasy is a road trip starting in Vegas, driving through the desert and ending at the Grand Canyon. Maybe a trip to Cracker Barrel is in order -- that's like a road trip in and of itself!


Net Ghost said...

If you do that trip in February, bring your winter boots and a shovel. :)

Literary Auntie said...

Ha ha ha, Maddie can't gamble yet!