Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have been insatiably hungry lately. I think it started right before Christmas when there always seemed to be lots of sweets and treats laying around. Around that same time, I started augmenting my lunch with a snack from the vending machine -- classy, huh? To satisfy your curiosity, I will tell you my snack of choice is Chex Mix.

So I just got back from a fancy dinner and I am still starving! And I actually can't eat tonight because I'm having some sort of scan/x-ray thing tomorrow (I'm unclear about the details, my plan is just to show up at the hospital and tell them my name.)

I find myself wondering, do you think I'm so hungry all the time because I gave up coffee? It is an appetite suppressant after all. Or maybe I have a tapeworm? Which one sounds more likely to you?

By the way, I haven't posted pictures of Maddie in a while because my camera batteries died. I shall post more pictures soon, promise. Because that girl is hilarious.

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