Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Long ago, one of my dear, dear friends -- someone I consider to be one of my favorite people -- mentioned that she has a different system for New Year's resolutions. Rather than make one resolution, she makes as many resolutions as the last 2 digits of the year. She started in the 90s, so therefore had 90-some odd resolutions. Once the 2000s rolled around, she elipsed a 0 and made 200+ resolutions. Some were small promises, others were gargantuan tasks; some were ongoing changes of conduct, others quick to-dos.

That year, I started doing the same thing. I was slightly less ambitious -- rather than 200 resolutions, I started with 100. For example, in 2007, I made 107 resolutions.

Here's what I have learned in doing so: When you make one resolution, it's easy to give up. When you make lots, you motivate yourself through accomplishment. Imagine the weight of carrying one big resolution all year round, like loosing weight. As the year goes by, if you falter you tend to push the resolution to the back of your mind. But with 100 resolutions, you constantly review them in an effort to remember everything. And as you check off resolutions, you realize a goal. Before you know it, more than half your resolutions are completed, checked off -- and your other resolutions, even the big ones seem that much more realistic and manageable.

This year, I'm being kind to myself (one of my resolutions). I only have 10 resolutions. I've already broken three of them. But hey, I have 7 more to succeed at. Aim high, my friends, aim high.

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