Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making New Traditions

I had every intention of writing this blog on January 6, given that the content is actually January 6th related. But of course some days come and go without a single minute to pause and write. I love my devote readers, the Sarahs, who suggest I should write every day. Um, ladies I'm lucky to get to shower ever day. That is a rare treat, my friends. But I mentally write everyday. And some days I remember what I mentally wrote and actually write it down. As today.

I have always had a really tough time letting go of the Christmas holidays. One year, Rob and I were flying back to Chicago on December 26. While we were sitting in the airport, Christmas music started playing over the PA, and I started CRYING because I was so upset that Christmas was over. And that stupid airport was playing that music just to remind me it was over.

This Christmas I tried to make a decent attempt to recognize that Christmas does not end on December 26. This being the first enjoyable Christmas since we've been home, and Maddie's first Christmas, that was a little easier to do.

Then I started thinking... We have all these wonderful traditions leading up to Christmas, maybe we should have some traditions after Christmas. When I was little we used to have a very big New Year's Day dinner at my Grandma K's house, and she used to give us a New Year's gift too. This year I had hoped to do so again, but everyone got hit with a bad cold this year. Blah. (Poor Maddie actually lost her voice, which I did not know was possible!) I think we should in the future have a traditional Epiphany party, even if only for the immediate family -- perhaps borrowing from the Puerto Rican culture? Coquito, anyone? Or maybe a tree de-trimming party with lots of healthy foods for all those New Year's resolutions? Does anyone have post-Christmas, Christmas traditions?

For this year, I've undecked the halls, and am moving on to my normal January tradition of wanting to organize and shop.

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Literary Auntie said...

Well, I don't think we meant that you should post a blog every single day (at least I didn't). Hell, I don't even do that, and I don't have a kid - just a cat who doesn't mind my blogging, as long as he can sit on my lap while I type.

De-trimming party? Sounds awesome!