Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank Goodness...

There's an old McAvoy family tradition that started long ago when we were little. We used to celebrate Thanksgiving at the cottage -- it was always our last day there before closing up for the winter. One part of the very large celebration was a Thanksgiving pageant, performed by my brother and cousins and I. Sometimes it was just reciting a poem, sometimes it was a little play. I'm not sure when we stopped the pageant, but I have vivid memories of performing in them (and also the Fourth of July show, so prepare yourselves!)

Obviously, with two young ones around, this tradition needed to be resurrected. Maddie was an Indian (I mean, Native American) and Annie was a Pilgrim. They held signs that said "We Gife Thanks" (get it, cause they can't spell! Harr, harr, harr.) And Maddie had her little letter teethers to spell out Thanks, except she wouldn't actually give the thanks to her cousin (Don't blame her, Annie spent the whole day stealing Maddie's toys... and socks. And then LICKING them! Annie, we have to have a talk about why you like the taste of socks, but not squash.)

The pageant came to an abrupt end when we realized that Annie could eat constuction paper. And Maddie quickly followed her lead. Luckily constuction paper disintegrates really quickly, and thankfully our little pilgrim and indian (I mean, Native American) were ok.

Now you know what I'm thankful for! That and the guy who took this picture.

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