Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Squishy Squash

You may have noted from my last blog that Maddie now has a high chair -- and she eats food! Or stuff that we convince babies is food but seriously have you tasted it? It's not really food. Ick.

Maddie now eats rice cereal and this week she got to try squash. Rice cereal got an instant ick look and then a pause as she reconsidered. And then at last she nodded her head as if she was a wine connoisseur impressed with a magnificent vintage. But, this is not a neat girl -- she has been sticking out her tongue as soon as food comes near, resulting in a dramatic mess.

We added in squash and she loved it! Or at least that's what I gather since she keeps her mouth open the whole time and if I'm not fast enough with the spoon, she wipes her face with her hand and then licks it. Apparently her love for squash taught her how to eat because she has started to chew the spoon and thereby keep most of the food in her mouth.

Messy pictures soon to come! Their all on Rob's cell phone, along with some stellar other photos, and he hasn't uploaded for a while.


Literary Auntie said...

Ew, I have tasted baby "food," and you are correct.

But if she likes it, then awesome for her!

Net Ghost said...

Well, maybe this weekend, Maddie can have a little talk with Annie about how delicious foods other than cereal really are! Annie hates them all. And really, they're not that bad. I usually eat the leftovers. :)