Monday, October 12, 2009

My New Life

My sister-in-law recently commented on how different her life is now and it got me thinking about the drastic changes in my own life. I thought I would look back in my blog and see what I was doing two years ago today. But apparently, two years ago today I was sitting in my Chicago apartment NOT blogging, probably internet stalking other people's blogs, thinking "Blogging is cool. I should get one of those blog things." Or I was taking the stupid L downtown to my office, a pretty new concept for me at the time since I had worked in the suburbs FORever! Or I could possibly have been at a playoff game?? Rob will correct me if I'm wrong here.

So then last year on this date (I did not blog but I remember exactly what I was doing!) I found out I was pregnant. We kept it secret for quite a while, hence I didn't blog for a few weeks -- I'm no good at keeping secrets from you Blogger! That same weekend we moved into a lovely apartment that I swiftly realized would be the bane of my existence. Previously we had been staying at the cottage, a fun respite but getting cold. I was still working for my Chicago job, just from home -- and of course the bad economy meant some serious changes were in the works.

Let's just take a quick peak at today:


We have a beautiful 4-month old girly, who likes to smile and flirt. We live in an awesome apartment that I love!! And for the first time in 7 years, Rob and I both have great jobs that we love -- at the same time. what a difference a few years makes!


kat said...

one of my old bosses told me to chin up, because every year of your late 20s gets better and better, and then you get to your 30s and really hit your stride. i'm kinda thinking he was right, because tonight i get to go to six flags with the washington capitals.

that's the same thing, right? ;)

Literary Auntie said...

Big changes indeed!! Now I'm hoping that I can find a job that I love, since I ain't having babies, and I don't really want to move... well, I guess it's a change that my cat Zelda came back.