Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And resume!

The blog has been silent for a while now, mostly because I've been busy with all the change of working again. It's a completely different world working and being a Mom. I had great fears about leaving Maddie all day, but luckily my new position has such time flexibility that I'm usually home before her afternoon nap. And while I imagined her looking around like this:

saying, "Mom? Where are you, Mom?" In actuality she seems to have not even noticed that I was gone.

My new job is awesome. I love being at the Mount and feeling a part of things. Plus I get to be creative a define a path for my jobs development, which we all know I love to do. I do have this nagging thought though about how much I should and shouldn't say online -- not that I would ever say anything bad! I've never really blogged about work to begin with, but I'm just so excited about my new job that I actually want to -- and thus have to hold back a little bit.


Literary Auntie said...

Well, I'm sure she did miss you, but I didn't let her think about it pretty much. I have a pathological need to entertain babies, and she is easily entertained.

Literary Auntie said...

I meant "too much." Obviously.