Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adventure of the Day: Meet the Baby-Sitter

Yeah, so as previously mentioned, Maddie is not napping so well. Don't feel too bad for her though because it is of her own choosing. Why sleep, when you can stay up all day and play? Plus there are these things called feet and boy are they fun to kick around. I swear her eyelids are attached to her feet by rubberbands -- peepers close, feet pop-up in the air!

Well, this afternoon we were doing really well so I decided to put Maddie down in her crib. I turned on her sound machine and watched for a bit as she started drifting off. I snuck out unnoticed leaving the door open for easy check-ins and listened to her chat to herself for a while on the monitor. After a few minutes she quieted down, so I tiptoed back to check on her and peeked in to see...

Black Cat in the crib sitting right next to Baby's face, and Maddie happily smiling up at him. No picture was taken though it is an image forever seared into my brain. After I quickly removed Black Cat, Maddie just smiled and laughed at me -- despite the cat hair on her face.

Does anyone want a cat? Real cute to look at, eats a lot.


Literary Auntie said...

AW!! That is precious! And why you should carry a camera around at all times.

Katie S. said...

Oh my gosh! Why not, sure, we'll take black cat! It's like a zoo in our house anyway, so bring it on!