Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who's better at Procrastination -- Me or Me?

So our car broke in November. It was probably the week before Thanksgiving or so. I got a little freaked out because we couldn't identify what was wrong with it -- which of course meant that we couldn't identify how much it would cost to fix it. Plus it was the holidays, we were heading home for Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

Well right before Christmas I called to get it towed to the shop. (We think it was the starter, because a jump wasn't doing anything at all). Because God did not want me to get my car fixed, the tow company never showed up. So we took this as a sign that we should wait until after the holidays.

Boy January, February, March and April went by fast, didn't they? Yeah, we still haven't gotten it fixed. There were plenty of rationalizations. The old faithful excuse was that we never need to drive it anymore so the day car would have just sat there all winter and probably broken again. We thought about selling it, but really want it for Buffalo, where mass-transit is not often helpful. Strangely enough I was totally going to have it towed today, but then, um... it was cold out?

Well we just noticed that there is street cleaning tomorrow. Ooops. So we went outside to move it. And yup. Can't. It literally will not budge. Put the thing in neutral, all brakes off, key turned, etc... WILL NOT MOVE ONE TINY LITTLE INCH. So, it's probably going to get towed tomorrow. Just not to the place that I would like it to be towed. That's right, I am so lazy that I would rather walk every where than actually take the time or money to get my car fixed.

And the moral of this story is, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bus (or something like that).

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