Saturday, May 12, 2012

Messy Dessert

Maddie learned her alphabet pretty young, but for about the past year, she has had no interest in letters or reading. She runs away if I mention letters (not always literally but sometimes). And she's usually too busy bopping around to sit still and read a book. Except at nighttime when we are on a strict Princess/Strawberry Shortcake routine. (Very educational!)

This month, out of the blue, Maddie started talking letters again. In addition to drawing circles and lines, she started announcing that she was writing "c". So out came this fun project.

What's more fun than learning? Learning through dessert!

After dinner one night, I told Maddie it was time for dessert and produced a cookie sheet and chocolate pudding. She had a blast!

Hmmm, what should I draw?


Let's practice "I" and "c"!

I thought the best part would be that we could lick our hands (don't worry we washed them first!), but Maddie was skeptical. We made several trips to the sink before she finally got the idea.

I get the feeling she liked it.

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