Friday, May 25, 2012

Cute Little Dear

Maddie has been going to sleep like a big girl for almost a week now. I'm so proud of her.

This change has illuminated the things that make her feel insecure. Last night was kind of the perfect storm. I had had to work the night before and Rob was closing last night. The change in schedules made her really clinging. She curled up after our bedtime song a little sullenly. But she didn't complain or try to get me to stay.

About half an hour later, she called out that she needed to go potty. There she was with crocodile tears, trying to hide that she had been crying.

When I asked her what was wrong, she said, "I'm crying for my kitty." (She had lost a stuffed kitty about 2-3 months ago, which she had never really had any interest in but now cries for her kitty whenever she is upset about something else.)

The poor little dear went potty then went right back to bed, snuffling softly. I felt so bad for her, I almost wanted to stay and hug her up.

Before she went to sleep I told her I'd see her in the morning and she told me, "You keep Daddy here, ok?" (In other words, don't let Daddy go to work!)

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