Monday, August 8, 2011


This is Her Royal Highness, Princess Maddie. She has been wrapping herself in quilts and labeling herself "Princess" for months now.

So I'm putting together a dress up box. Anybody have any old costume jewelry, purses, smallish dresses or hats?

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Katie said...

Um, oh my goodness! When we get back from vacation, you should come over...we have all our old dance recital stuff up in the attic! I don't think the bats are interested in old tu-tu's or sequins, so we're in the clear.

A Fuss said...

Oh. My. God. Dance Recital stuff would be AWESOME! We were sorry we missed you the other day. All the way home in the car, Maddie kept saying, "Aunt Kate! Aunt Kate!" Then she gave me a look like, "Mommy you promised me Aunt Kate and you lied."