Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Pinterest Challenge

As many of you may know, I am completely obsessed with Pinterest. I only found it a few weeks ago and let's face facts, it didn't take me that long to fall in love. I have always been a true believer of love at first sight. For those of you not familiar, Pinterest is a site that enables you to pin images/articles that you find online to your style board. Essentially it serves as an online notebook to jot down your wishlists, craft to-do lists, decorating/fashion ideas, etc... But the best part is that you also get to see what other people are pinning and thereby find things online that you otherwise never would have found.

I fell in love with Pinterest maybe a month ago and as of today I have pinned 128 things. And this is the challenge of Pinterest. I now have 128 projects on my to-do list, and that list is growing daily. So I'm attempting to hold myself accountable to my initial Pinterest inspiration.

I've seen several blogs posting about their Pinterest Challenge, most notably Sherry of Young House Love. Sherry has challenged her readers to actually complete a project that they have pinned. Um... well, I don't time to complete anything right now, but I'm going halfway there. Today, I'm taking a moment to review my pins and start my realistic to do list of projects to do. So here we go...

Turning Inspiration into Perspiration:

Oh wait, I got distracted on Pinterested and pinned 5 more things... So here we go...

Fabric Covered Clips: an easy first and perfect timing since I'm currently redoing my office.

Homemade Clorox Wipes: I hate spending money on these, so why not.

Lanterns: This may be what Rob is talking about when he says I go overboard, but I'm thinking Labor Day...

And in reviewing my boards, I've discovered that I get bonus points because I've actually completed two projects. That's two more projects than I thought I had completed! This post will be continued, because oh, believe me there are more projects. And if anybody needs a Pinterest invite, just let me know.

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kat said...

i'd love an invite, please!