Saturday, September 11, 2010

School Days

I must admit, I love school. I can't say that I always have. But certainly since my own high school days, I have loved the start of school and all that it implies. Bake Sales! School Supplies! School Social Events! Love it. Every single one.

Now that I work at a school, I'm happy to be emmersed in that culture and all the excitement that back to school brings. During the summer months, there is such a great energy of preparation and inspiration for new school year ideas. I spent a lot of time this summer working on projects for the school year.

And at last, the kids are back! Sadly that means that my week, though fun, was a chaotic, hectic mess. I cannot believe how completely swamped I am. I knew it was coming, but still the craziness. Due to the nature of my job -- I work with alumnae and the outside MSM community -- September and October will be chalk full of social events (reunions, fundraisers, etc...) But there is still my regular work load to maintain as well.

That means that when I get ideas for initiatives, website ideas and projects, like I have been all day today, I'm left with the frustrated feeling of knowing that I won't get to work on a single one of them until November. Or even later! Ugh.

Meanwhile, it seems that someone else also liked the start of school:

Maddie and I sat out on the front lawn and watched the school buses go by. There were lots of them, so she was in 7th heaven!

This was Maddie's initial reaction to going outside and discovering that Dad had driven to work with the stroller in the trunk of the car. Standing up in shoes? No way. Daddy, you bring back my stroller! I've got swings to get to!

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Literary Auntie said...

You sure she isn't disco-dancing? Breaking it down in her excitement for fall?