Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We call her Chompers

In the past few days, Maddie has gotten not one, not two, but FOUR new teeth (yes, I know I skipped three but I figured you knew where I was going with this). Two her newbies are actually back teeth, you know the ones with dimension and multiple sharp parts that stick out. We've only caught random glimpses of these rare beauties (as if they were something mythical like the Lockness Monster or Sasquatch), but we know they're there. It's only a short time now before she'll be demanding steak.

Maddie seems to do quite well with teething -- either that or I'm completely oblivious. Her sleeping habits are so erratic that I can never tell if her nights are disrupted by teething or if she just doesn't feel like sleeping. I would think she would cry or be obviously in pain if teething was keeping her up. But she doesn't; she cuddles. Today though, she's cut a tooth on the bottom that has made her a little in need of relief. She's been looking for something good to chew, and thus popsicles are in order.

Other than that, this girl is on the go. Up and down the halls and back again. Stand at Mom's nightstand and pull out every tissue in the box. Then it's time to pull out dirty clothes out of the laundry and drag them up and down the hallway. Chase a cat, reorganize the changing table, pull every book off the bookshelf and start all over again. That's Maddie's day!

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Katie said...

Too bad you couldn't teach her to actually DO the laundry, considering she's taking the time to drag it out...ha!