Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi There!

Hi Everyone! I know I've suddenly become terrible at blogging. It's been a world-wind month and despite working at a school, summer is only going to be busier for me than ever before. Happily, I can say that it's a good kind of busy. My creativity is in full gear.

Plus, things keep moving around here. There's nothing quite like being chased down the hall by a girl who can crab-walk like nobody's business. Of course she's not good at sneaking up on people because she's always too busy giggling.

I was lucky enough to have a dear, dear friend come and visit me last week. The one down side of living in Buffalo is that so many of my friend live far away and I truly miss them. BUT the up side of living in Buffalo is that my friend, Kat, is practically a Buffalonian and comes to visit. I've always loved friend-visits, they so remind me of the good old days...

Anyway, Kat was kind enough to spend a whole day with us. We had an indoor picnic (under threat of rain) and then Maddie, Kat and I headed to the zoo. And we ended the night at Duffs, joined by Rob and Seth. All in all a pretty fabulous day! But I wish it would happen more often.