Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Motivation

One of the many perks of my job -- besides it just being deeply satisfying and awesome! -- is that I get vacation. Right now I have winter break, which is not to be confused with spring break. Spring break happens in April. Maddie and I have been hanging out. Tuesday we went to visit GG, and yesterday I got some alone time while I went to see Katie's wedding dress (I'm the official bustler -- if that's a word!)

This week has also inspired me. I've started doing my yoga again. Maddie is now of a great age to sit and entertain herself, which allows me to squeeze in a little me time. I spread out my mat right next to her play mat (aka, the bear skin rug of the previous post). Maddie LOVES when I do downface dog, as she loves everything to be upside down (especially herself!) And she often leans forwards and pats my hot pink yoga mat. So yoga is now not the most meditative experience, but her excitement helps the time fly by. And apparently carrying around 20 lbs has made me a lot stronger, which makes yoga easier too! Maybe on Saturday I'll have Rob take some pictures of Mad's yoga excitement. Baby yoga should be next!!

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