Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happiness Is...

If two years ago, someone had told me that happiness is as simple as a clean bathtub, I would have laughed out loud. Yesterday, I had an absolute sensation of exhilaration, purely from cleaning. Yes, that's right, I -- ME -- was excited about cleaning.

Over the past few months, I seem to have developed a knack for cleaning solutions that have previously alluded me. I figured out that Comet is ideal for a nice shiny bathtub. And now yesterday, I figured out how to salvage caulk from looking scummy -- with a nice bucket of bleach and an old toothbrush. That little discovery was like watching Midas turn things to gold, for me.

I've never been a cleaner, and it's not that my mother didn't teach me this stuff -- she always had a perfectly clean house. But she also wasn't married to a man whose ideal woman would be made of steam. I'm definitely faced with more cleaning challenges than she ever faced!

And meeting those challenges has turned me into a Monica... Hmmm, daunting.

1 comment:

kat said...

tilex mildew root penetrator & removal. whitens grout without the elbow work. i love it.

(also: i'm recommending bathroom cleaners. we are officially old.)