Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I thought it would be a struggle

I'm completely swamped at work. Here's what I've learned about myself. Remember how I used to write papers the night before they were due? Well I still do that, only now I get paid for it. I really did have good intentions, and if we count the time that I was thinking about writing, then I've been writing this assignment for weeks. So I knew I would have to do some serious work today. Plus Wednesday, being my at-home day, is also my cleaning day -- because surprisingly the answer to my question was "yes."

Last night out of the blue, Maddie woke up at 3:15 for her bottle and decided that it must be morning. So she then proceeded to refuse to go back to sleep. I was up until 5:00 am, which is the beginning of Rob's shift. But surprisingly after being up for 2 hours in the middle of the night, I found myself too awake to go back to sleep. I managed to slip in another 30 minutes or so before I had to get up for the day.

I anticipated bad things -- Sleepy Mommy + Sleep-deprived Baby = Cranky family and Messed-up Schedule. HOWEVER, I am happy to say I was wrong! Maddie has been her lovely self, with slightly longer naps (thus far). I've managed to finish all my writing for work, because apparently I'm just on a good tear. AND I've managed to clean most of the house already. I love when things work out that way, expect bad and get good!

Of course now, I've jinxed it and the rest of the day will suck. But I haven't even had coffee yet, so that will be my fall-back safety.

Enjoy this little treat!

Daddy are you taking my picture?
Take a picture of me with my duck!

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