Friday, August 22, 2008

My Kind of Town, Chicago is...

I just couldn't get out of Chicago without having at least 2 more CTA incidents. On Thursday I was stuck on a train that the doors only opened for every other stop. And then on Friday, we sat at Fullerton while the station PA ran repeatedly announcing, "There are pick pockets on the train. Please watch your purses and pockets. Police have been called." It should come as no surprise to you that no police arrived.

I am officially able to make this post because we are no longer in Chicago and therefore no CTA karmic kick can punish me for my complaining. That's right, we're in Buffalo now! I'm posting at my Mom's house, where we stayed for our first night. We'll then head to the cottage either today or tomorrow depending on the movers ETA.

We spent our last day in Chicago (Rob's birthday) at a ridiculously hot, but awesome Cubs game. We had sushi and walked our neighborhood and then took one stroll down memory lane also known as Welles park, before heading home to finish up any packing.

The movers arrived yesterday at 7 am, and were easily done by 9:30 -- all of our junk, including Rob's Uncle Johnny's ventriloquist dummy was welcomed by a mover who I swear looked like Carlos Zambrano's cousin. I did tell that I would tip him if the dummy did not make it onto the truck (and subsequently not into my closet where he normally resides), but alas correct mover policy dictates they cannot leave possessions on the side of the road. Rob also pointed out to me how wrong it would be to leave the dummy in its antique suitcase in my closet -- imagine the new tenant finding that as a welcome gift.

We left our apartment in somewhat cleanliness having previously arranged with our landlord to pay for the cleaners. Thank God, cause I just do not do that well.

And then we packed the Bug with what little would fit, and a wide array of cat accessories including 1 travel sized litter box a Pet Hammock and 2 collapsable meowing cardboard carriers. Meowing stopped by about 11:30 am and shortly thereafter, I opened Grey Cat's box. Despite having plenty of room to get out and lay on the seat, he decided to instead sleep in the travel litter box (luckily with fresh litter). Later on he decided to crawl underneath the Pet Hammock, causing at least 10 minutes of panic as Rob and I became convinced he had escaped from the car at the rest spot.

But alas, we have survived, the cats have survived and indeed seem to like traveling (I'll post a picture later).