Monday, August 18, 2008

Moving Project [Part Deux]

Ah, and I thought we were doing so wellllll yesterday. Today I got home with a handful of extra boxes, hoping to finish the kitchen and my closet. Rob meanwhile had been home for a few hours and had finished his to do list including his closet -- a huge coup! Rob is not only assisting in packing but leading the way. I seriously caught myself a good one the day I married him.

Sadly his success is my failure. As it turns out, I was completely unable to get ANYTHING done despite my efforts and seem more tired for my lack of completion. I packed parts of the kitchen, and parts of my closet -- but that still leaves all of the dishes (!! damn my years at Pier 1!) and my dresser. Packing the closet ultimately led me to unearth -- gasp, my sewing machine. How do I pack a sewing machine? We're now down to those ridiculously shaped items that refuse to fit in any boxes, and random things that I have no idea how to pack.

My dining room table has since turned into a yard sale on crack. Those of you who wish to attend said yard sale (also known as I'm giving this stuff away for free and you can take a half-empty bottle of liquor too non-sale) can email me and then stop over on Wednesday. No, seriously, come get stuff -- that's one less haul down to the dumpster.

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