Sunday, August 17, 2008

If anyone gets engaged in the next week...

Don't tell me because the Martha Stewart Wedding Library has been cataloged, archived and packed. Also the Martha Stewart Everyday Food Magazines -- as well as:

  • Our entire library of books (all labeled with "Books:Black [1]" or "Books: Red [5]")
  • Our hall closet (snow shovels have been thrown out to be replaced when we have something to shovel)
  • Our living room (with the exception of part of the corner cabinet)
  • Our linen closet
  • Most of the kitchen mini-appliances and the cookbooks

Still to pack?
  • Closets
  • Bedroom and Dressers
  • The rest of the kitchen

Sooo close to being done. By the way, if anyone wants random books, VHS Chick-flick movies, dusty picture frames or various random crap, an air conditioner, or possibly a 10-speed bike (you have to convince Rob) stop on by. In lieu of a yard sale, there will be a dining room sale, where will be happy to supply you with half empty bottles of liquor upon your purchase (and proof of ID).

By the way, Black Cat is helping.

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