Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Week in the Life...

This week has gone by fast hasn't it? Truly I thought this week would be hella long because I haven't worked more than a 3-day work week in 3 weeks!! But not the case. I always have a point towards the end of the week when I look back and say, "This week felt like 2 weeks worth of work put together" or "Seriously, it's Friday? I thought it was Tuesday." Then I like to discuss it with everyone that I work with to see if they feel that the time has gone equally fast.

Anyway, rather than a blog topic or theme, I just have a couple of interesting items to share with you about my week:

  • On Tuesday, Rob and I went to the new Julius Meinl. For those of you not from Chicago or who don't have a Meinl, it's a pretty swanky coffeehouse. For about 5 months there have been rumors circulating in the hood that we were getting one. And then 4 months ago they started work on the building 1 block away from us. AND then they put up signs to tempt us for at least 3 weeks. So I went in for the first time on Tuesday, while Rob went in for the 17th time. While we were in there, the owner of the Grind walked in! Worst nightmare, we the loyal customers of the Grind were caught being disloyal. She started talking to me and very kindly gave me dispensation while scouting out the competition. Then Rob enters the conversation and says (with no preamble mind you), "Here's how much they charge for a medium Americano," and holds out his receipt. The look on her face was a priceless mix of "I'm not sure how well I know these people" and "Are you special in a mentally disabled way?" Well, at any rate, we can always go to Julius Meinl.

  • Yesterday, I took Rob's keys to work. As well as my own keys. And our doorbell is broken. Meaning that Rob had no way of getting back in the building. He loves me soooo much. Maybe we should give someone else a key just in case (oh, wait, we're moving.)

  • I cried on the train the other day (no not out of fear!) I just can't help it! I'm reading Caesar's Women by Colleen McCullough and I am deeply involved in the saga of the Caepio Servilius - Livius Drusus - Porcius Cato clan. It was seriously only a 30 page section, and tears were rolling down my cheeks. Read it! But start with First Man in Rome.

  • I got a bunch of recipes from one of our cooking class suppliers in Italy! I just glanced down the list before I left the recipes in the printer at work, but I saw the words "Bacon-Crusted" so I'm pretty sure they're good. I'm not sure I would be allowed to share, but maybe if you beg, I'll invite you over for dinner. Oh, and have I got a recipe to try for you Buffalonians when I live there!

  • I spent 3 hours over a 2 day span at the Federal Building getting my passport renewed. Which means that I was in the same building as Barack Obama's Offices! I saw the sign next to the elevator bank and I touched it. Then the security guard told me not to do that. But I have a new passport and that means, I can go to Italy next week!!! More on that later. I promise to share all my pix.

    Net Ghost said...

    Hi! We will be in Bflo next weekend AND July 4. I think we will drive in on July 3 too. Nice photos on Facebook by the way.

    A Fuss said...

    I love the picture that you put up of Rob and I too! Can't wait to see you guys again.