Monday, June 2, 2008

Today, we discuss the cats

So I've been obsessed with this lately. Thanks to Sarah for that wonderful find! It's like the cat version of Amelie and reminds me soooo much of Homer (my previous roommate).

Apparently this morning we ran out of cat food. We now have an automatic feeder as part of an effort to control the fats. Since we don't actually have to feed the cats anymore, we often don't notice until the last minute that we're out of food. So this morning, the automatic feeder goes off but nothing comes out. Oh, do I wish I had my camera at that moment. Picture two very confused and pissed cats. Not 1 minute after non-feeding time, a fight breaks out. I kid you not, black cat (aka the beast) sat on grey cat and tries to bite his neck. The beast is smart. He knows that food must come from someplace!! And he furthermore knows that grey cat has claws so he has to find a weapon to his advantage -- which would be his girth. Crafty. Have no fear, Rob went out and bought cat food before grey cat could be eaten or the beast was depleted by living off the fat of the land.

At the same time, I must confess how adorable the beast is. Today when I came home, he perked his head up in his nap chair, blinked his beautiful green eyes at me and said, "Me-meow." Which translates to "Hello, Mommy, how was your day? And by the way I love you." He then wandered up to me and asked to be picked up (which he does by standing on his back legs and holding his front paws up in the air, like a toddler). Yup, I love him. Here's a picture.


Literary Auntie said...


The cats in my house always act like I'm bugging them with my loudness when I walk into the room.

Net Ghost said...

Odie is so sweet and cuddly. :)