Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer To-Do List

I'm sure everyone has this problem. You say, "This summer, we're finally going to..." And then, you blink and it's September. Right?

That's why I love summer to-do lists. Both for the anticipation of summer and the satisfaction of checking things off that you otherwise wouldn't have done.

I love this summer list:

That I saw on Meg Duerksen's blog a few years ago.

But I wanted something a little more suited for our gallery wall. So I broke my list up in favor of pennants:

Each item got its own little pennant, which we strung throughout the whole hall.

Under each to-do is a colorful pennant. Item completed? Flip the pennant. By the end of the summer, our living room should be very colorful!

I had the colorful, patterned scrap paper that I used for our finished flags, but Maddie got into this project and did some of her own, too.

Lots and lots of fun to-dos, like fishing, field trips, picnics and more.

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