Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tales of a Pumpkin

I'm really behind on all of my Halloween posts. I have been blog-absent and I apologize. But I wanted to share this one nugget of information that I discovered this year. Pumpkins and me do not mix.

We headed out to Niagara County to buy a pumpkin in mid-October. As it turned out it was pretty raining and the farm we went to was pretty much picked out. So we headed to Harris's Farm which had a great supply. Maddie loved picking out her pumpkin.

In fact for days afterward, she hugged it and told me "I love Pumpkin."

We carved our pumpkin a little too early I guess. Rule #1: when you live in an apartment that is warm, carve your pumpkin the night before Halloween. We did not.

Here I am carving the pumpkin -- this was apparently just an activity for me. As much as Maddie looks interested in this picture, her interest was short lived.

Two days before Halloween, our pumpkin had liquified. And thus by Halloween, we had no Jack-o-latern.

Part two of our pumpkin debacle involved my favorite part of Halloween: PUMPKIN SEEDS!!

Let's just say this. Don't leave pumpkin seeds in an open container on a shelf that you frequently use. Don't do it twice. Or you will eat no pumpkin seeds this year.

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Katie said...

Ah, yes. I remember fondly (or not so fondly) how warm those apartments got in the winter! Which is probably why I never carved a pumpkin there...