Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Portrait of the artist in her studio

This is what it looks like outside today:

What Twitterers have hashed "snowmagedon" and we call winter has befallen us, happily causing a snow day! Gosh, I love working at a school.

Of course it would have been cooler had it not fallen on my normal day off. Ah, well.

Rob went into work at 4am to shovel snowmagedon away from his coffeehouse. Thankfully Maddie slept through his departure AND he brought me a latte. AND he let me sleep until 8:30! Best snow day (normal day off) ever!

So after he went back to work, I built this with the help of my busy worker bee:

For Christmas, Maddie received this gorgeous (and surprisingly easy to assemble-- I.e. Not from Ikea) art table. It's a blackboard, with a roll of paper (being saved for more economical use in later years) with cups to hold pencils, chalk, etc...

Maddie's currently using it as a reading table:

And for doing our taxes:

(see our W4s? Bah-da-dum.)

And for doing this:

I can only assuming she's measuring out milk for a baking project.

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