Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Really it's been pretty Christmasy around here for a while but this is the first chance I've gotten to share it with you. We don't really have any kind of decorating scheme, but we put out whatever we have. There's a reindeer perched in a chair, some votive candles by our sink, a nutcracker here and some snowglobes there. Our biggest problem is baby proofing. And cat proofing. So all decorations must be limited to unreachable/unclimbable surfaces. Of which there are not many.

I also like to add a little craftiness, particularly this year where decoration making also serves as entertainment. And I like bright bold colors which add a little fun.

A baby-proofed Christmas tree...

A few ornaments to play with...

Maddie helped with the lights. She loved them!

A homemade sign for our front door.

And snowflakes for all of our doors (which totally scare me in the middle of the night for some reason, like "What is on this door??" scared, not "they're coming to get me" scared.)

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Katie said...

Ha! Ha! That's so funny--it sounds like something I would do. I put a random sock on the washing machine this morning. GUARANTEE I will freak out the next time I go down there! Either I scare easily or I'm very, very forgetful.