Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Christmas Season in Review

Usually on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, I look through all my old magazines and cutout articles that I may find useful. I love to do that because by the end of the year, all the early editions seem brand new to me, and I get all kinds of inspired. But these days, looking at magazines usually play second fiddle to play time and work time. And quite frankly -- given the drastic change between this New Year's Eve and last New Year's Eve, I'm completely ecstatic about that.

Instead, I'll take a moment to share some of my Christmas pictures with you all. I've been waiting for Rob to upload his pictures but his work schedule has been just crazy, making up for all the time he took during the holidays. So he's working tonight, and Maddie and I are spending the New Year alone together. One of us is sleeping right now. Guess which one. So here are the pictures from my camera:
Maddie's face when she first saw her presents on Christmas morning.
Maddie enjoys her gift from Santa, a jumpy seat!
A horsey ride.
Her first kiss under the mistletoe.
As we all know the best part of presents is the wrapping. So we decorated a Christmas queen.

Hope your Christmas was as joyous as ours and a Happy New Year to you all!


Net Ghost said...

Yea for jumpy seats! And green pajamas with a trap door!

Literary Auntie said...

Awwwww... glad you and Maddie enjoyed the holidays. One of my resolutions is to see you both more. And Rob too, I guess!