Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Challenge

Wow has it been tough keeping Maddie asleep for her nap today. She fell asleep on my lap and twenty minutes later, the UPS guy arrives. She fell back asleep, and then Rob texts me. She's still asleep now, but there has been lots of startling.

So we put up the Christmas decorations this week (I'll post pictures soon), including the Christmas tree. Maddie got to hang her Great-Grandma Boos' mercury glass ornament, which I then knocked on the floor (hey, you try holding a 6-mo old, posing for a picture and hanging a tiny ornament!) Luckily the ornament is much sturdier than it looks. At the end, I realized I had to go searching for the angel that I vaguely remember my Mom giving me last year. But alas, I cannot find it anywhere. There isn't a single un-unpacked box in this apartment, so I cannot imagine where it is. Mom says she doesn't have it and also apparently gave me my Christmas music box and a glass figurine that are also MIA. I'm wracking my brain trying to think where they might be.

Um, any thoughts?

I'd like to share the significance of this angel though, because I've always loved this story. My Dad was in D'arcangelo's store years ago. Many of you may not have ever even seen D'arcangelo's, but it was very much a Buffalo institution, located on Main St. near Ferry Street. Anyway, some guy stole something from the store and my Dad chased him down. So Mr. D'arcangelo gave my father the angel as a gift. It was one of several ornaments on our tree gotten by my Father's good deeds.

Until it's found, a sad silver pipecleaner snowflake sits atop our tree.

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